2017 Coupe Gadbois

Congratulations, and thanks to our athletes and parents on the great result at the 2017 Coupe Gadbois in Montreal last weekend (Jan 21-22)!
We won 12 medals: 5 Gold, 5 Silver, 2 Bronze. Taifu Judo finished 5th out of 56 judo clubs and 366 participants in this event.
The kids did a good job, showed strong spirit, good Judo skills and performance.

1. Anjou (Montreal)
2. Shidokan (Montreal)
3. Metropolitan (Montreal)
4. Judo Boucherville (Boucherville)
5. Taifu Judo Club (Toronto)

Also, huge thanks to the parents for supporting us, and helping kids to grow better and stronger!