2018 US Open Judo Championship

Congratulations to  athletes, coaches and parents with great results in US Open Judo Championships 2018, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Congratulations to all our students who participated and won medals with different age/weight categories last weekend July 27 – July 29 in US Open Judo Championships.
It was hard work whole year for you kids and parents, finally you finished this year with good performance, new level and different vision to Judo in the future.
Our Team of 9 athletes brought home 7 Medals:
Gold – Ksenia Oudovikine – 23kg
Gold – Daniel Oudovikine +35kg
Silver – Emelyan Sokolov -31kg
Gold – Matthew Molchanov – 38kg
Silver- Denis Neyolov -42kg
Bronze – Artem Neyolov -42kg
Bronze – Danil Neyolov -81kg
Thank you very much to all the parents who always support and understand us!
Taifu Team, keep working hard and never give up!

2018 National Judo Championship

Here is our results from the 2018 Canadian National Championship:

We brought 3 bronze medals this year:
– Maksim Rudakov -46kg U16
– Jonathan Xinkas -50kg U16
– Alex Khilov -81kg masters

Congratulations judokas! Keep up the hard work and win gold next year!

Also congratulations to David Melkonian for the 7-th place in -50kg U18 category.

2017 International Frankfurt Adler Cup

Congratulations to all athletes and parents who participated and won medals in the 2017 Intrernational Frankfurt Adler Cup in Germany!

1754 participates came to Frankfurt from 27 countries, Taifu Judo Club brought four Judokas to Germany.
We took 5 medals in two days of the competitions: 3 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze.

Elisey Sokolov – Gold U11 – 36kg, Bronze U12 -34kg
Matthew Molchanov – Gold U9 -34kg, Gold U11 -34kg
Lasha Tsatsalashvili – Bronze U14 -43kg, 7th U15
Luka Tsatsalashvili – 7th U12 -34kg, 7th U14

Congratulations to all judokas who helped to prepare and trained hard to make this happen!


2017 US Open Judo Championship

Congratulations to the athletes, coaches and parents with the great results in the 2017 US Open Judo Championship, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Our Team of 16 athletes brought back 13 medals!

U-9 (2010-2009)
Gold – Matthew Molchanov -35kg
Bronze – Emelyan Sokolov -27kg

U-11 (2007-2008)
Silver – Elisey Sokolov -34kg
Bronze – Andrey Mejery -30kg

U-13 (2005-2006)
Gold – Lasha Tsatsalashvili -42kg
Silver – David Melkonian -47kg
Bronze – Luka Tsatsalashvili -31kg

U15 (2003-2004)
Gold – Lasha Tsatsalashvili -44kg
Bronze – David Melkonian -48kg

U21 (IJF and PanAm Judo Union ranking)
Silver – Danil Neyolov -81kg

Huge thank you to all parents who always support and understand us!
Taifu Team, keep working hard and never give up!

2017 Budapest Cup

Congratulations with the great results in one of the biggest kids Judo Tournaments in the World:
International Judo Tournament: 2017 Budapest Cup

Three judokas from our Club traveled to Budapest, Hungary on Apr 27-May 1 to represent Canada.
In total of 1600 participants in this tournament from 27 countries.
As is a final results for Canada and for Taifu, we won 1 Gold and 1 Bronze medals!

Bronze – Elisey Sokolov -33kg

Gold – Lasha Tsatsalashvili -41kg
Elisey Sokolov – 7th
Luka Tsatsalashvili – 3w/1L

Lasha Tsatsalashvili – 40kg 2w/2L

Thank you to all parents for always supporting us!
Taifu Team, keep working hard and never give up!

2017 Montreal Team Judo Challenge

This weekend our Team participated in the 2017 Montreal Team Judo Challenge in Montreal, QC.
We brought there two teams in U12 division and one in U14 division.
Our athletes Taifu1 and Taifu2 in U12 got to the final out of 11 participating Teams (Clubs).
We won Gold for Taifu-2 also Silver for Taifu-1.
Also, we got Gold for U14.
In the final match we fought with Shidokan, Montreal. The score was 4-0 Taifu!

Congratulations to our Team with great results and good team work.
Thank you to all parents and judokas.
Also huge thanks to all who are supporting us, coaches and kids!

Taifu1 U12
-31kg Mulokandov M., Pougno R.
-34kg Neyolov A.
-37kg Neyolov D.
-40kg Kasich N.

Taifu2 U12
-31kg Tsatsalashvili L.
-34kg Sokolov E., Taimazov C.
-37kg Shathin L.
-40kg Udebashvili A.

Taifu U14
-39kg Rudakov M. Tansky N.
-43kg Tsatsalashvili L.
-47kg Xinkas J.
-51kg Melkonian D.

Keep working very hard, never give up!

2017 Coupe Louis Page

Congratulations to our Judokas and all parents who supported us, with the great results last weekend (February 10-11) at the 2017 Coupe Louis Page in Jonquiere, Quebec.

We brought 13 kids to compete there, and won 13 medals in total (9 Gold, 1 Silver, 3 Bronze)

Gold – Tcherniavski Daniel – 2008
Bronze – Tsatsalashvili Luka – 2006
Gold – Sokolov Elisey – 2007
Gold – Kasich Nick – 2007
Bronze – Neyolov Denis – 2006
Gold – Neyolov Artem – 2006
Silver – Mulokandov Michael – 2006
Gold – Taimzov Chairman – 2007
Gold – Tansky Nikita – 2005
Gold – Viktorovskyy Dennis – 2005
Bronze – Rudakov Maksim – 2005
The Gold – Tsatsalashvili Lasha – 2005
Bronze – Melkonian David – 2005
Gold – Neyolov Danil – 1997

Great job Judokas!
Keep working very hard, never give up Taifu Team!