2015 Ontario Open International Tournament

Last week our team participated in the 2015 Ontario Open tournament.
This is one of the 3 biggest tournaments of the year and the last qualifier for Nationals. Many Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, BC, New Brunswick, Quebec and USA clubs were participating in this competition.

Our team’s results are:
Khilov A. – Masters – Silver
Rudakov N. – Seniors – 5-th
Merkebaev D. – Seniors – Bronze
Rudakov N. – U21 – Bronze
Maman D. – U18 – Silver
Khatelishvilli L. – U18 – Bronze
Antic S. – U18 – Bronze
Simanovich G. – U16 – Bronze
Xinkas J. – U14 – Bronze
Talanov M. – U14 – Bronze

Thank you judokas and their parents, GOOD JOB!

2015 Quebec Open International Tournament

Earlier this month our team attended the 2015 Quebec Open tournament.

The results of Taifu Judo team are:
Rudakov N. – Seniors – 7-th
Merkebaev D. – Seniors – 5-th
Neyolov D. – U21 – Bronze
Rudakov N. – U21 – Bronze
Simanovich G. – U18 – Bronze
Maman D. – U18 – 5-th
Simanovich G. – U16 – Bronze

Cheers to all our athletes! Way to go guys!

2015 National Judo Championship

We are glad to announce our results from the Canadian National Championship 2015:

– Olga Parovyk – gold in -52kg, U16
– Sava Antic – gold in -66kg, U16
– Sava Antic – bronze in -66kg, U18
– Gregory Simanovich – silver in -42kg, U16
– Luka Khatelishvilli – silver in -73kg, U16
– Kiril Sozin – bronze in -100kg, U21
– Nikita Rudakov – 5th place -66kg, U18
– Danil Neyolov – 5th place -81kg, U21

We congratulate all our judokas with great results and wish them all the best in upcoming competitions!

2015 ELITE 8 National Championships

We are happy to announce results of Taifu Judo team on the 2015 ELITE 8 National Championships.

As you know our club had 3 representatives on this exceptional event and we brought 2 medals from there:
– Nikita Rudakov – 2nd place -66kg U18
– Sava Antic – 2nd place -60kg U18

Now Sava and Nikita have chances to be selected and represent Canada on the U18 World Championships in 2015 if they succeed in international selection tournaments in Europe.

We congratulate our medalists and wish them success in their future selection tournaments!

2015 Montreal Cup

Our team has competed at the 2015 Montreal Cup.
We’ve got:
5 Gold medals:
– Maksim R, Lasha, Binyamin, Danil N (in seniors), Maxim Cazach

2 Silver medals:
– Olga (in seniors), Johnatan X.

3 Bronze medals:
– Luka, Artem, Yonatan

Great effort guys!